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cockpit in the early morning hours, drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea, and
watching the world come to life.

To do this a person needs some method to heat the water!

I will attempt to show a few of the many cooking stoves that are suitable (or
not suitable?) for use on small sailboats. If your favorite stove is not
included, and you believe it should be, please let me know and we will
attempt to add it.

There are dozens and dozens of small stoves that will work quite well on a
small boat. Propane cartridges fuel some of these stoves, while there are
also solid-fuel stoves, alcohol-fuel stoves, and even solar-fueled stoves!

Prices for a stove ranged from $3.50 for a solid fuel tablet stove to over a
$100.00 for a propane cartridge stove.

One feature that is disturbing about some small stoves is that there is not an
easy method of holding a pot on the burner if your sailboat is moving with the
waves. However, Travis Votaw, owner of Princess 22
Pilgrim  has modified
his stove to make it much safer.

Here are some of my thoughts and the thoughts of more knowledgeable
sailors, and also a few tests of different type of cooking stoves.